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“Dear Son,…”

I considered keeping this for myself, but it’s too pretty to smother with my selfishness. A bit about the designer, from Kaufmann Mercantile, where I discovered it: Artist and designer Stephen Kenn moved from his native Canada to pursue a … Continue reading

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Veneficium! or, Who Gets The House?

The Code of Hammurabi (18th c. BC) prescribes for sorcery that the person on whom the spell was cast should be made to walk into the river.  Should the river consume him and thus find him guilty, the man who … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: Family and Turkey…and the Dogs

I spent Thanksgiving this year with the girlfriend’s family in Carmel; a good bunch to spend the holiday with, and a great place, as well.  Weather was perfect, food was plentiful, and the people were fun.  Her great-Aunt Lee even … Continue reading

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