“I Would Cook Tomorrow’s Breakfast On Its Coals”

The question to which, was, “If your past were on fire, would you go back and save it?” I ran across it, posed generally, on a friend’s feed and instantly gave my honest answer.

It demands reflection.  There are many parts of my past which I regret to some degree or another – I am, after all, in many ways human.  And as we’ve passed the midway point for 2017, I find my greatest individual regrets stacking up at the door, insisting each that I give to it thorough inspection and attention before moving on to its repair.  It can be at times overwhelming both physically and emotionally, and the toll is obvious as I sit here putting it all to paper, as it were.  As it is, I have several notebooks full of real ink and paper, all attesting to in some greater or lesser degree the experiences which have brought me here.

Naturally, my sentient readers will ask, “But, CP, what exactly has all happened, and how are you recovering?”  Which, it’s a long walk to a little house, friend, and we don’t have that kind of time right now.

Suffice it to say, I would cook tomorrow’s breakfast on its coals.


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