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It’s wild what you do and do not remember after a trauma or resuscitation.  There are a few that I can’t recall whatsoever, which is a little strange in some respects.  For whatever reason they didn’t impress themselves upon my … Continue reading

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“I Would Cook Tomorrow’s Breakfast On Its Coals”

The question to which, was, “If your past were on fire, would you go back and save it?” I ran across it, posed generally, on a friend’s feed and instantly gave my honest answer. It demands reflection.  There are many … Continue reading

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That’s Just The Way It Goes: A Primer

I haven’t sprung fighter jets from nuclear-powered ships off Minorca, but over a couple of years working in clinical medicine I’ve collected stories and thoughts that have stuck with me, and I am reminded of them from time-to-time in different, … Continue reading

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France: The Real Tragedy or, No Free Lunch

It’s been a long time coming now.  For more than a decade, France has pushed an immigration policy that left, first, massive rifts in its social structure, and now – with much of the Levant destabilized after another decade of … Continue reading

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Which Is To Be (Jobless) Master?

Good news this week from the U.S. Dept. of Labor: unemployment is down to 5.6%! Good news, that is, unless you’re actually unemployed. ‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone,’ it means just what … Continue reading

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Formula One Legends: Jim Clark

There were few things I craved more as a child than speed, competition, and a sense of ever-present danger.  Incidentally, none of those desires have devolved much in the time since, having found but different avenues of exploration. Bike crashes … Continue reading

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Supercharged: Grand Prix Cars 1924-1939

This is a short film (50 minutes) highlighting the technological development of Grand Prix cars from 1924 to the beginning of the Second World War.  Any interest in motor sports will be livened by this. Heads up: some accidents shown … Continue reading

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