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France: The Real Tragedy or, No Free Lunch

It’s been a long time coming now.  For more than a decade, France has pushed an immigration policy that left, first, massive rifts in its social structure, and now – with much of the Levant destabilized after another decade of … Continue reading

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EDC: Glock 17

To get some material going, I’ll share my everyday-carry Glock 17, modified slightly over the ~9 months I’ve had it. This Glock came to me in June 2013 as a standard 3rd Generation Glock 17 complete with the stock plastic … Continue reading

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Veneficium! or, Who Gets The House?

The Code of Hammurabi (18th c. BC) prescribes for sorcery that the person on whom the spell was cast should be made to walk into the river.  Should the river consume him and thus find him guilty, the man who … Continue reading

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Calum Hayes Wants To Talk About Gun Control

(Note: This post is a carry over from December, 2012) But resorts to begging, instead. He first fails to show any positive correlation between a concealed carry applications boom and rising violence, for Colorado in particular and nationwide in general … Continue reading

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